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Minas coffee 200gr 

More than two decades the company “Rakic LTD” doo from Smederevo, produced in Minas offers quality coffee, made according to traditional recipes, great taste (taste prave domaće kafe) and of proven quality.

When they ask us about coffee, we say “There are over two decades” (25 years of tradition) And what more to say !!!

Packing – 100gr  – 200gr  – 500gr  

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Crystal Sugar 1kg 

White icing sugar, high quality, from domestic beet sugar refinery whose seeds are not genetically modified.

It guarantees the pleasures of traditional sweetness.

Packing – 1kg  – 50kg

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Rice 1 kg 

Rice medium and round grain becomes sticky during cooking and the water in which you cook thick and milky appearance.

This group includes our usual “Kocanska” rice, Japanese sweet rice, as well as Italian arborio rice for risotto

Packing – 500gr  – 1kg

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Polenta 500gr 

Polenta from quality corn flour.

Name polenta or polenta is borrowed from the Italian language, which is the word taken from the Latin word for istoimeone barley porridge. From Italy it spread throughout Europe, and in Serbia is prepared throughout teritooriji.

Packing – 500gr

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Corn bread 500gr 

Corn bread (corn) flour made from white corn is rich in easily digestible carbohydrates which makes it easily digestible.

As part of the non-fat carbohydrates from corn is an excellent component of food products. The structure has a lot of minerals and vitamin E.

Packing – 500gr

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Corn 500gr Semolina T400

Wheat semolina is obtained by milling wheat from the central part of the grain and very easy to prepare. Is a natural product, without additives or preservatives.

Used as a delicacy, salty and sweet dishes as well as for preparing food for children.

Pakovanje – 500gr 

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Flour Type 400 soft 1kg 

Flour type-400 soft in our catalog has been produced from the finest varieties of wheat (from the center of a grain of wheat), with Srem region, the fine granulation.

Provides high ductility and energy, is extremely white.

Packing – 1kg  – 25kg  – 50kg

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Flour Type 500 sharply 1kg 

Wheat flour T-500 is one of the most requested types of standard.

It has excellent water absorption and gluten containing the exceptional quality. Use it for making cakes and cookies, the small salty and sweet pastries.

Packing – 1kg  

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Salt Tuzlanska 5kg 

“Tuzla is” the most recognized brand of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2008 belongs to the family umbrella brand name that carry status “Superbrands”.

Research conducted Switzerland agency ICERTIAS (International Certification Association GmbH) Tuzla salt are classified as a regional brands, “No. 1 “.

Packing – 1kg –  5kg – 50kg 

“Moje blago” (My treasure) has a soul, so much worth saving