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Proizvodi:            RAKIC-LTD doo

Adresa:              Tosina br.2, Radinac

                          11311 Smederevo, Serbia

Telefon:             +381 (26) 701 563

                         +381 (26) 701 881

Fax:                  +381 (26) 701 881

Contact person:   +381 (62) 80 20 680   Zorica Djordjevic


E-mail:                 office@rakicltd.commail-45-39

If you are a wholesale customer, and you are in the environment, food brands MOJE BLAGO (MY TREASURE) you to the markets in Wholesale Rakic-LTD doo
If you want to import food brands MOJE BLAGO (MY TREASURE), the more information you can see on the website for export VALKIRA.rs


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