“Moje blago” (My treasure) – the heart glad!

Dear friends,

Over twenty years we have been present in the market with our high quality products (Minas coffee, sugar, cut into dust, oil, wheat and corn flour, oil, salt, rice, polenta, beans …), and all these years led us only one motto – Quality food with affordable (soft) price.

Often they asked us – Why not give a recognizable name to your products are good quality and favorable price…


Moje Blago

Foodstuffs Moje Blago  include a wide range of food products, particularly by affordable prices, noting that they are offered food of exceptional quality..

They were built in a strictly controlled production process. Packages are suitable size and standard grammage.

All the products are a great choice, regardless of whether they are purchasing for their own consumption, or are intended for further sale.

When you are important and the price and quality – choose foods Moje Blago (the perfect balance of price and quality)

Enjoy shopping!

Everything that your heart glad, there is only “Moje blago”.